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Barker Face-To-Face Wilton Carpet, Quartz

3-7 days


Face-to-face wilton weaving produces two carpets at once, a top and a bottom. One carpet is woven on top of the other, sharing the same pile of yarn. Once woven, the pile will be cut between the two, creating two separate carpets. Face-to-face carpets can have up to 14 colors, although most designs contain fewer. The yarn used in face-to-face weaving can be either wool or synthetic, typically of a very fine count. The looms contain computerized jacquards, so together with the fine yarns, incredibly detailed designs can be created.

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Additional Details

  • Dimensions 158" W
  • Color Quartz
  • Material 54% Polypropylene / 46% Polyester
  • Weight 0.5 lb
  • Country of origin Turkey
  • Specifications Face-To-Face Wilton
    Pattern Repeat: 37.75" x 39.5"
    Pile Height: 0.43"
  • SKU 3025632