Diana Mitchell

Carved Ring Pear Rose Cut


3-7 days


This one-of-a-kind Carved Ring features a stunning pear rose cut diamond as the focal point of this sculptural statement ring. The 18k yellow gold ring sits softly and comfortably on your finger with a low profile. We love how the modern feel of the carved setting intersects with the vintage feel of the rose-cut diamond. .42ct rose cut diamond.

Dianna Mitchell Fine Jewelry is made in Brooklyn and characterized by clean, modern forms that feel sculptural, yet distinctly feminine. Each diamond is hand-picked and set in a solid gold cast made specifically for the diamond it holds.

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Additional Details

  • Dimensions 0.42ct rose cut diamond
  • Color 18k yellow gold
  • Material 18k yellow gold and diamond
  • Weight 0.5 lb
  • Care instructions To clean, use a jewelers cloth
  • Specifications polished
  • SKU 3032930