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Emerson Comforter



The Emerson Collection is our introductory down line. Emerson pairs 560+ White Down with a 233 thread count cotton cover. Its baffle box construction keeps the down fill evenly distributed. The 560+fill power provides true comfort. As with all of our products the Emerson Collection is sustainbly sourced, hypoallergenic and made in the USA. Available in summer and year round weights.

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Additional Details

  • Dimensions 71" W X 86" L
  • Color White
  • Material 560+ White Down with a 233 thread count cotton cover
  • Weight 9.0 lb
  • Care instructions To ensure the maximum benefit from your down products please follow our simple instructions: Pillows and comforters should always be used inside a cover. ¥ Pillows should always have a protector in addition to a cover. Comforters may be spot cleaned for spills with a mild detergent and aired out as needed. ¥ While frequent washing is not advised, down may be washed or dry cleaned. We recommend a maximum of 1-3 washes per year. ¥ Dry cleaning should be only performed by a company that is experienced with down products, as dirty cleaning fluid will cause the down to clump, lose its lofting ability and occasionally develop a mild odor. ¥ We recommend washing only in a front-loading commercial capacity washer. Machines with agitators are too rough and will tear the baffles on comforters. Use a low sudsing mild detergent or a product specifically designed for washing down products. NEVER use any bleaching agents or spot removing products as this can break down the feathers causing them to lose their lofting ability. Place down in a large capacity dryer on the lowest heat setting and dry for several hours. This step is very important because if down is not thoroughly dried, it may develop mold and or odors. NEVER dry on a high heat setting as this could also damage the down. Tennis balls or dryer balls may also be used when drying to help fluff and bring back the loft to the down as it dries.
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