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Leather Bound Little Book of Tokyo Style



From the youthful maximalism of Harajuku to the luxurious sophistication of Ginza, Tokyo is the city of a thousand styles. With diverse and unique subcultures like the kitsch Sweet Lolitas, the dark and dramatic goths and punks, the retro rockabilly's and the elegant and traditional Wa Lolitas, Tokyo is home to an explosion of fashion like no other. This installment of the beautiful Little Books of City Style series will look at the style evolution of this incredible capital, providing an exquisitely illustrated guide to dressing like a true Tokyoite.

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Additional Details

  • Dimensions 6.25" x 7.5"
  • Color Blue
  • Material Bonded Leather
  • Weight 0.5 lb
  • Country of origin United States of America (the)
  • Care instructions Wipe Clean
  • Specifications Hardcover Book
  • SKU 3051157