Luca Benzimra

Rest and Rebuild


3-7 days


Entirely autodidact, Luca Benzimra is a Paris-born, NY-based multi-medium artist who experiments with dyes and bleach to create large swaths of layered color on lush canvas. Upon deep reflection, Benzimra gives his painting a title such as "Rest and Rebuild" — made to immortalize his truest, uncorrupted self during the creative process. The use of his subconscious mind is critical to his work - as the free, unreserved expression of his desires + beliefs at the core of his artistic voice.

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Additional Details

  • Dimensions 36" x 48"
  • Color Pink/Ivory
  • Material Fabric Dye & Bleach on canvas
  • Weight 7.0 lb
  • Country of origin United States of America
  • Care instructions UV resistant coating on them. However, as for all paintings, it is not recommended to put them in direct contact with sunlight (sunlight contains powerful UV rays that react with pigments, slowly bleaching them out).
  • SKU 3029694