Ruby Latte Kit

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In one minute, make a velvety, bright pink latte with natural beet and Tahitian vanilla sugar cubes. Sprinkle rose petals on top.  Before or after your workout, mix a beautiful superfood beverage and drink in its recovery-boosting, stamina-enhancing nutritional benefits. Caffeine-free beet and vanilla sugar cubes handmade of all-natural ingredients, plus dried rose petals.

Step 1: Saturate 1 Vanilla and 1 Ruby cube with 2oz of warm water, muddle until the cubes become syrup, then whisk/mix well. Step 2: Add 6oz of hot milk. For an iced latte, add 6oz of cold milk and ice. Step 3: Garnish with rose petals and enjoy!

6-12 servings. Use 1 of each flavour to make a vanilla ruby latte (6 servings) OR use the flavours individually to make ruby lattes and vanilla lattes (12 servings). * Please note that our Luxe Minis are made by hand with natural ingredients which vary in color, size and shape.

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Additional Details

  • Material RUBY: Sugar, Beet Powder, Beet Juice, Water. VANILLA: cane sugar & organic Madagascar vanilla bean caviar.
  • Weight 1.0 lb
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