Close-up of white fabric with textured pattern of raised dots.
abcFabric Pearl Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up view of a dark, slate gray textured fabric with small-scale pattern.
abcFabric Moody Blue Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of durable, reddish-brown fabric with uniform tight weave.
abcFabric Coral Linen Fabric $95.00
Apologies, but the provided image is highly pixelated and indiscernible.
abcFabric Grey Silver Linen Fabric $100.00
Close-up of a neutral, variegated fabric with a rough texture.
abcFabric Platinum Chenille Fabric $160.00
Monochromatic blue texture with irregular vertical streaks resembling distressed fabric.
abcFabric Ink Chenille Fabric $160.00
Close-up of a textured, durable fabric with a subtle weave pattern.
abcFabric Heron Chenille Fabric $160.00
Close-up of monochromatic fabric with textured surface and irregular grid-like pattern.
abcFabric Denim Chenille Fabric $100.00
Close-up of textured fabric with tight weave in neutral color.
Close-up of beige canvas fabric, displaying visible crisscross weave.
Close-up of herringbone fabric with V-shaped weaving pattern in two colors.
abcFabric Glass Chenille Fabric $70.00
Close-up of a herringbone fabric with orange threads, textured appearance.
abcFabric Coral Chenille Fabric $70.00
Textured surface with a distressed, cracked design resembling concrete.
abcFabric Powder Chenille Fabric $240.00
Doe Chenille Fabric Default Title
abcFabric Doe Chenille Fabric $230.00
Patterned fabric with a navy plaid design, featuring intersecting lines.
Symmetrical floral damask pattern in linen and rich green.
abcFabric Loden Damask Fabric $240.00
Seamless damask pattern with elegant floral motif in vintage style
abcFabric Pearl Damask Fabric $240.00
Close-up of woven beige fabric with small, tightly-packed loops.
Robotic customer service agent holding a sign saying Out of Service.
abcFabric Med Beige Chenille Fabric $115.00
Exquisite, symmetrical patterned fabric with muted colors and elegant design.
abcFabric Mist Damask Fabric $285.00
Highly detailed symmetrical damask fabric with ornate floral design.
abcFabric Sable Damask Fabric $240.00
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