Sub Category
Zuma Dinner Plate Zuma Dinner Plate
Serax + Kelly Wearstler Zuma Dinner Plate $50.00
Zuma Round Platter Zuma Round Platter
Serax + Kelly Wearstler Zuma Round Platter $75.00
Zuma High Plate 8" Zuma High Plate 10"
Serax + Kelly Wearstler Zuma High Plate from $53.00
Dune Cereal Bowl Alabaster Dune Cereal Bowl Alabaster
Serax + Kelly Wearstler Dune Cereal Bowl from $203.00
Dune Oval Tray Dune Oval Tray
Serax + Kelly Wearstler Dune Oval Tray $700.00
Dune Vase Dune Vase
Serax + Kelly Wearstler Dune Vase $646.00
Dune Serving Tray Brown / 16" Dune Serving Tray Brown / 16"
Serax + Kelly Wearstler Dune Serving Tray from $877.00
Dune High Bowl Dune High Bowl
Serax + Kelly Wearstler Dune High Bowl $523.00
Floral Vulgaris Collection-Table Fork (Set of 6)- Floral Vulgaris Collection-Table Knife (Set of 6)-
Serax + Roos van de Velde Floral Vulgaris Collection from $87.00
De Bread Plate Colorful, creative dining set up with figs and rustic elements.
Serax + Ann Demeulemeester De Bread Plate - Variation 1 $14.99 $22.00
Round white plate with a thin black rim and glossy finish.
Serax + Ann Demeulemeester De Dinner Plate $49.00 $80.00
Modern designer plate with a striking gradient, exuding contemporary elegance.
Serax + Ann Demeulemeester De Dessert Plate - Variation 5 $39.00 $59.00
Earth Square Plate-3.5" x 3.5" Earth Square Plate-8.6" x 8.6"
Serax Earth Square Plate from $52.00
Inku Glassware Collection-Tumbler Small (Set of 4)- Inku Glassware Collection-Tumbler Large (Set of 4)-
Serax + Inku Inku Glassware Collection from $102.00
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