Product Type
Yellow Salt Dish-Yellow
abcV Salt Dish
Yellow Bread + Butter Plate Yellow
abcV Bread + Butter Plate
Handcrafted mug with a unique shape and rustic yellow glaze.
Handcrafted ceramic pitcher in light pink and white marbled design.
Unique ceramic mug with unconventional design and handmade aesthetic.
Yellow Olive Oil Dish Yellow
abcV Olive Oil Dish
Venus Cereal Bowl-Pink
abcDNA Venus Cereal Bowl from $32.00
abcV Dinner Plate Default Title
abcDNA abcV Dinner Plate $36.00
abcV Small Bowl Default Title
abcDNA abcV Small Bowl $14.00
abcV Serving Bowl Default Title
abcDNA abcV Serving Bowl $40.00
abcV Pasta Bowl Default Title
abcDNA abcV Pasta Bowl $26.00
Simple and elegant off-white ceramic plate with a subtle rim.
abcDNA abcV Salad Plate $32.00
abcV Medium Cereal Bowl Default Title
Venus Pasta Bowl-Pink
abcDNA Venus Pasta Bowl from $32.00
Venus Salad Plate-Pink
abcDNA Venus Salad Plate from $32.00
Handcrafted circular plate with textured glaze and distinct food placement area.
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