Minimalist metal shelving unit with sleek, modern design in dark finish. Minimalistic interior corner with sleek shelf, clothing rack, and cozy couch
Flatiron-Wrought Coat Hanger $99.00 $280.00
Close-up of textured fabric with tight weave in neutral color.
Apologies, but the provided image is highly pixelated and indiscernible.
abcFabric Grey Silver Linen Fabric $100.00
Close-up of beige woven fabric with visible interlacing fibers.
abcFabric Linen Fabric Sand $100.00
Close-up of a neutral beige canvas fabric with tight weave.
abcFabric Linen Fabric Biscuit $100.00
Durable off-white fabric with decorative dashed lines for home textiles.
abcFabric Pure Sand Outdoor Fabric $180.00
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abcFabric Outdoor Fabric Platinum $215.00
Close-up of dark blue twill weave fabric, displaying diagonal ribbing.
abcFabric Ink Linen Fabric $100.00
Close-up of a neutral-toned fabric with a uniform texture.
abcFabric Bone Soft Linen Fabric $80.00
Close-up of a cream loop pile fabric with uniform texture.
Close-up of durable textured fabric in neutral grey tone.
Close-up of high-quality, durable fabric with speckled blue pattern
Close-up of a speckled, textured fabric with durable, uniform weave.
Close-up of a looped fabric weave in neutral color.
Close-up of soft, fluffy carpet with a uniform tan color.
Neutral fabric with vertical black striped pattern, ideal for home decor.
Image description: Unfortunately, the image cannot be displayed at this time.
Unidentified image. No information available for description or interpretation.
Apologies, unable to assist with image description at this time.
Close-up of a hexagonal tessellation resembling a honeycomb pattern.
Vintage-inspired seamless pattern with intricate medallion motifs and floral elements
abcFabric Champagne Velvet Fabric $320.00
An intricately patterned fabric with symmetrical floral motifs in blue and green on a neutral background.
Blank surface with uniform texture, possible wall or patterned background.
Close-up of beige woven fabric with tight, textured pattern.
abcFabric Natural Upholstery Fabric $220.00
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