Made Responsible + With Purpose

We look to nature and the world to create a meaningful curation that focuses on quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness.


Created by Hand

Good Wood

Crafted from Responsibe Resources

Good Thread

Made from Natural Fibers

Vintage + Antique

Timeless Pieces Seeking a New Life

Locally Made

Within 600 Miles of NYC

Good Wood

Crafted with wood from responsibly managed forests or reclaimed and salvaged sources, protecting old growth and endangered forest species.

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Minimalistic wooden table with clean lines and versatile design
Ethnicraft Oak Bok Dining Table from $1,839.00
Minimalist wooden chair with sleek design and natural wood finish. Modern and minimalist dining space with sleek wooden furniture and natural accents.
Ethnicraft Oak Bok Side Chair from $879.00
PI Sideboard 69" PI Sideboard 91"
Ethnicraft PI Sideboard from $2,879.00
Gervasoni Gray Side Table from $1,061.00
U Desk Beige U Desk Beige
Ethnicraft Oak U Desk from $2,179.00
Abstrakt Cord Office Chair from $1,000.00
Good Thread

Made from organic, plant-based, or natural fibers.

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