Sara Reddin is Celebrating Ghanian Craft

fabric being woven with traditional geometric design

Since early childhood, Sara Reddin has held a deep love for the woven basketry, leather goods, and printed cloths of her heritage. Sara has dreamed of celebrating the traditional craft of her mother country, Ghana, for many years. Today, Sara works with Ghanaian artisans to create unique designs that both showcase and support the rich culture of local weaving communities. 

portrait of Sara Reddin in front of glass window and door

Sara works with two weaving communities in Bolgatanga, Ghana, upholding fair wage practices so that the local weavers are supported in developing their skills. She also works with the Kente Weaving Association, based in the Volta region of Ghana. The Ewe Kente weavers are known for their vibrant, geometric designs woven in cloth. Through this work, young artisans are encouraged to be a part of a greater network of master weavers and craftspeople.

Close up of an artisan weaving a basket by hand
Portrait of artisan holding two hand-woven baskets

Woven from natural fibers such as cotton and Veta Vera, each design holds the magic of an object carefully made by human hands. The attention to detail is unsurpassed, adding a level of texture to your space that brings instant warmth. The fine, intricate craftsmanship is a marker of the vast skill and knowledge passed down through generations, just as Sara’s mother passed her heritage down to her daughter. 

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