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Colorful woven basket with blueprint and material next to it

All Across Africa is a home decor company creating positive social change through equitable marketplace innovation and people-powered transformation.

Together, the communities are united by the beauty and sustainability of handmade products delivered to the global market. These communities in Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, and Tanzania benefit from this equitable business model by directly increasing the earning power of makers.

Modeste Shumbusho Country Director, Rwanda “Artisans are the center of community economic development. Economically empowering artisans has regional social impact. Our artisans increase productivity and employment in eight areas: education, healthcare, housing, banking, materials, food, farming, and others.”

All Across Africa's method of creating positive impact starts and ends in the same place – at home.

"Without the idea of home, we wouldn’t exist, so we have woven it throughout our business and beliefs. When you think of home, we invite you to think of All Across Africa, knowing for us the word stands for more."

Hands weaving sisal from All Across Africa

16 Pairs of Hands Create a Work of Art

From soil to coil, the lifecycle of this artisanal made home decor stays local. Starting with design that is made in collaboration of a global team of designers and the African artisans, beauty is planned from the beginning — to create intricate statement pieces that fit in modern, thoughtfully styled homes. 

All Across Africa process photos of removing material from plant, dyeing the fibers, and the different color fibers after dyeing

The lifecycle of these pieces continues with locally grown materials which, once harvested, travel to the homes of skilled artisans. Exclusively sourcing responsibly harvested local materials like raffia, elephant grass, and sisal, these natural materials are then dyed with organic dyes to produce eye-catching colors throughout each and every design.

 All Across Africa weaving process photo

After the raw materials are ready, makers handcraft each piece of stunning decor. Typically, weaving is done as collective groups or in the artisan's home where they can stay with their children. Weaving is an age-old craft that has been done for hundreds of years and continues to be taught to the next generation.

Artisans from All Across Africa

The stitches take form and create a final shape that's robust with skill, love, and artistry. The finished basket is a labor of love and a testament to these artisans' skills. 

Artisan Stories

Veneranda  "I am proud of my economic status nowadays as a weaver, because with the income, I cover my family needs: food, medical health insurance and refurbishing the family shelter. I love weaving work; it prevented me from being beggar. I dream of owning house, buying plots and owning a food supplying business while creating jobs for others."

Verena  "More houses have been built or renovated in the village, they have electricity or solar lights, the banks, schools, health centers and clinics are operating and more jobs have been created... I love weaving and I will always be a good weaver."

Beatrice  "I am proud of seeing all my children studying in good schools: three of my children are studying at different good universities, one has graduated, and two are studying in high schools and the last born in primary... I love that our woven products have reached and won international markets and that the weaving culture is valued and preserved."

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