Floral damask fabric with intricate pink motifs on beige background.
abcFabric Berry Damask Fabric $240.00
Symmetrical teal and gold brocade fabric with intricate floral design
abcFabric Blue Damask Fabric $240.00
Abstract, symmetrical textile with vertical brushstrokes in shades of brown.
Textured fabric with distressed aqua and beige pattern for home decor.
Classic damask pattern with intricate floral motifs in monochromatic brown.
abcFabric Tea Damask Fabric $240.00
Abstract green fabric with organic, textural pattern for interior design.
Close-up of abstract fabric pattern with organic, symmetrical design.
Repetitive geometric pattern with interlocking curves, creating a textured textile.
abcFabric Dove Embroidered Fabric $120.00
Decorative off-white fabric with vertical double striped chain patterns.
Elegant black and grey diamond patterned fabric with textured background.
An intricately patterned surface with a captivating three-dimensional design.
abcFabric Oyster Embroidered Fabric $100.00
Close-up of a fabric with a sophisticated grey striped pattern.
abcFabric Aqua Embroidered Fabric $95.00
An elegant wavy patterned fabric, perfect for stylish home decor.
abcFabric Oasis Embroidered Fabric $140.00
Symmetrical botanical fern frond pattern in calming gray on cream.
Elegant golden plant motif wallpaper adds a touch of nature-inspired luxury.
Intricate geometric textile design featuring repeating diamond shapes in warm tones.
Vibrant, symmetrical fabric pattern with stylized floral motifs and foliage
Elegant and sophisticated embroidered floral fabric for home decor.
Intricate symmetrical textile design with geometric motifs and border stripes.
abcFabric Smoke Embroidered Fabric $160.00
Elegant and intricately detailed floral fabric in a monochromatic design.
abcFabric Linen Embroidered Fabric $240.00
Teal background with a floral motif pattern in cream shade.
abcFabric Blue Embroidered Fabric $240.00
Traditional, textured fabric with intricate botanical motifs on green background.
abcFabric Green Embroidered Fabric $240.00
Natural cream fabric with rust-toned stripes and delicate embroidery.
Symmetrical and intricate damask-inspired pattern in warm golden tones.
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