Sub Category
Contemporary white chair with intricate metal design for indoor/outdoor use. Modern black wireframe chair with striking diamond-like backrest design
Bend Goods Captain Arm Chair from $500.00
Minimalist yellow metal bar stool adds a pop of color. Minimalist teal bar stool with metal frame and slatted backrest
Bend Goods Rachel Counter Stool from $370.00
Minimalist bar stool with sleek black frame and seating surface. Minimalist white bar stool with vertical slats and sleek design.
Bend Goods Rachel Bar Stool from $390.00
Modern minimalist blue chair with geometric metal rod frame design. Vibrant orange wire-frame chair with minimalist geometric design.
Bend Goods Lucy Side Chair from $500.00
Modern high stool with geometric wireframe design and golden finish. Modern-style bar stool with minimalist design showcases sleek wireframe silhouette.
Bend Goods Lucy Bar Stool from $540.00
Contemporary wire chair with minimalist design and intricate geometric patterns. Contemporary indoor chair with geometric design and metal frame
Bend Goods Betty Stacking Side Chair from $500.00
Modern teal wire chair with minimalist design against white background. Modern white chair with minimalist design and sleek construction features.
Bend Goods Ethel Side Chair from $500.00
Contemporary white chair with unique slat design and metal frame Modern teal chair with sleek lines and metal frame design.
Bend Goods Bunny Lounge Chair from $540.00
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