Yellow Salt Dish-Yellow
abcV Salt Dish
Yellow Bread + Butter Plate Yellow
abcV Bread + Butter Plate
Yellow Olive Oil Dish Yellow
abcV Olive Oil Dish
Simple and elegant off-white ceramic plate with a subtle rim.
abcDNA abcV Salad Plate $32.00
abcV Dinner Plate Default Title
abcDNA abcV Dinner Plate $36.00
abcV Small Bowl Default Title
abcDNA abcV Small Bowl $14.00
abcV Medium Cereal Bowl Default Title
abcV Serving Bowl Default Title
abcDNA abcV Serving Bowl $40.00
abcV Pasta Bowl Default Title
abcDNA abcV Pasta Bowl $26.00
Handcrafted circular plate with textured glaze and distinct food placement area.
Venus Salad Plate-Pink
abcDNA Venus Salad Plate from $32.00
Venus Cereal Bowl-Pink
abcDNA Venus Cereal Bowl from $32.00
Handmade, textured bowl with a pale, glazed finish and subtle color gradation.
abcDNA Venus Pasta Bowl from $32.00
Glacier Bread + Butter Plate-Indigo
Ceramic bowl with textured glaze transitions from dark to vibrant
Artisan-crafted ceramic bowl with a stunning gradient of blue hues.
abcDNA Glacier Pasta Bowl from $28.00
Glacier Sauce Bowl Indigo
abcDNA Glacier Sauce Bowl from $14.00
Empty red wine glass with elegant design against white background.
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