The Simply Down Comforter + Bedding Buying Guide

Simply Down Luxury Bedding including pillows, topper, and down comforter on white bedframe

Deciding on the right down for your sleep sanctuary is easy with our simple guide for each of the Simply Down Collections we offer at abc. This bedding buying guide is here to help you shop with confidence. If you have any specific questions, we are always happy to assist you while you shop in store or online. 

To begin, it's important to remember that not all down is created equally. That's why abc sources and stocks Simply Down. This longtime abc collaborator makes trusted bedding essentials that are both responsibly sourced + magically soft. With a trusted reputation and over 20 years experience, Simply Down is the manufacturer for luxury down products. 

Simply Down Bedding Rolled up

What is Down Filling?

Different from feathers, down is the fluffy clusters beneath the feathers of waterfowl that keep them warm and dry. Lightweight and luxurious, down is able to maintain breathability while still providing warmth.

Since their shapes are so similar,  you can image these fluffy down clusters as a dandelion bloom — a central point radiating filaments. This unique cluster shape helps connect all the other nearby clusters therein creating an insulating layer that holds heat. 

Our assortment of Simply Down Collections offers both duck and goose down options. As you compare products, you will find that goose down is typically a higher fill power. This is because geese are larger than ducks; therefore, goose down clusters are fluffier than their duck down counterparts. 

Important Things to Consider When Shopping for Down Bedding

1. Fill Power: You can think of this number as the "fluffiness" measurement of the down feathers — the higher the number, the fuller the down filling. This is important to consider because a high fill power allows you to have a lightweight down bedding while still providing the highest quality comfort and warmth. In addition to a lighter, more comfortable bedding, a higher quality down product will retain their loft and fluffiness for years to come.

2. Baffle Box Construction: The baffle box design is important as it keeps the down evenly distributed to avoid creating "cold spots" when the down bunches to one side or the bottom of your comforter. This quilted, grid pattern is essentially tiny square pockets that are stitched together to form the down comforter.

3. Hypo-allergenic Standards: In the bedding industry to be certified as hypo-allergenic, down must be test for cleanliness in two ways. The turbidity number needs to be higher than 300, and the oxygen number must be 10 or lower. Simply Down's minimum turbidity number is 550, and their minimum oxygen rating is 3.2. 

Utilizing a double washing and quadruple rinsing method, Simply Down continuously exceeds standards for washing and sterilizing so that your bedding is always 100% pure, luscious, and hypoallergenic.

In addition to the down's hypo-allergenic quality, the cover materials also pass the OEKO Standards 100 for Safer Textiles, certifying that there are no harmful substances used in any part of the process and ensuring that the material is allergy free, too.

4. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS): As the first brand to bring RDS to the market, Simply Down is an industry leader in traceable down creation. The RDS insures that 100% of each product’s down and feathers come from ducks and geese that have been humanely treated throughout their entire lifespan.

This means enabling the birds to live healthy lives, express innate behaviors, and not suffer from pain, fear or distress. Simply Down’s founder Barbara Freeman is passionate about creating an eco-friendly, no-waste collaborative by connecting the manufacturers who make comforter and pillow covers with the suppliers of down and feathers.

5. Cover Fabrics: Simply Down sources its shells from German mills that have been manufacturing down proof fabrics for more than 100 years. This expertise ensure that the fabrics used are the highest quality available. 

The cover fabrics are finished with select finishing agents to further solidify the down-proofness so that your down comforter and pillows last even longer. In addition, they utilize a unique processing which results in super soft fabrics, unmatched by any others. This fabric is not only soft to the touch but also contains an ability to wick away moisture, creating a skin-friendly, optimal sleeping experience for hot nights and warm sleepers alike.

Simply Down Bedding Stacked in pile on bed

abc Simply Down Comforter Collections

Call Me Down

  • Quality: Standard
  • Fill Type: Microfiber Polyester
  • Fill Power: Polyester
  • Cover Material: 50% Lyocell and 50% Organic Cotton
  • Construction: 8" Baffle Box
  • Available Density: Year Round
  • Collection Highlight: A high-quality mimic of Down's warmth and comfort, this down-free fill allows even the worst allergy suffers to enjoy the sensation, warm and comfort of down. 


  • Quality: Standard
  • Fill Type: American White Duck Down
  • Fill Power: 560+ Fill Power
  • Cover Material: 233 Thread Count with 100% Cotton Cover
  • Construction: 12" Baffle Box
  • Available Density: Summer + Year Round
  • Collection Highlight: A great beginner down collection, the Emerson delivers true comfort and warmth at a great price.


  • Quality: Premium
  • Fill Type: American White Duck Down
  • Fill Power: 650+ Fill Power
  • Cover Material: 50% Lyocell and 50% Organic Cotton
  • Construction:  8" Baffle Box
  • Available Density: Winter, Summer + Year Round
  • Collection Highlight: Offering exceptional loft and year-round warmth, the Harmony Collection offers a step up in the introductory range of down bedding with its higher fill power. This 650+ Fill Power down provides excellent quality that is cost effective.


  • Quality: Elevated
  • Fill Type: Hungarian White Goose Down
  • Fill Power: 650+ Fill Power
  • Cover Material: 50% Lyocell and 50% Organic Cotton
  • Construction: 8" Baffle Box
  • Available Density: Winter, Summer + Year Round
  • Collection Highlight: The Bohemia Collection is Simply Down's best seller! This down comforter is the perfect fit for both hot and cold sleepers, providing the ideal level of warmth. 


  • Quality: Supreme
  • Fill Type: Siberian White Goose Down
  • Fill Power: 800+ Fill Power
  • Cover Material: 400 Thread Count German Batiste Cotton
  • Construction: 8" Baffle Box
  • Available Density: Winter, Summer + Year Round
  • Collection Highlight: An exquisite combination of unbelievably soft and luxurious down in a high-quality German Batiste Cotton shell, the Bliss Collection has an extremely light, lofty, and almost cloud-like sensation for a blissful night of sleep. 


  • Quality: Elite
  • Fill Type: Canadian White Goose Down
  • Fill Power: 930+ Fill Power
  • Cover Material: 360 Thread Count German Batiste Cotton
  • Construction: 8" Waffle Box
  • Available Density: Winter, Summer + Year Round
  • Collection Highlight: True to its namesake, the Dream Down Collection is just that, a dream to sleep with. The Dream's Canadian Goose down fill is extremely light while engulfing you in warmth and luxury. This 930+ fill is the highest fill power available on the market. 
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