The Magic of Kashmir Craft Revival

The Magic of Kashmir Craft Revival

Driven by creative passion and a longstanding pride in the craft, Me & K creates beauty for generations to come with the very finest cashmere. This small, family-run business prides itself on the superior quality and attention to detail inherent in the centuries-old process used to make genuine Kashmir throws. 

abc is proud to partner with Me & K to bring the revival of Kashmir crafts to New York City and into your homes around the globe.

Men weaving cashmere fibers

The People 

Me & K prides itself on ethical and sustainable approaches to creating cashmere throws. With a focus on protecting and promoting traditional hand techniques, Me & K offers artisans the freedom to create as individuals and revive the art of spinning, weaving, looming, and embroidery of cashmere and cashmere fibers. 

This rich heritage is also closely intertwined with women's empowerment. Crafted from hand-spun and woven techniques which are typically performed by women, Me & K ethically sources its basic fibers from women spinners with fair payment for their labor. This practice fosters financial independence for women and enables them to become equal decision-makers at home.

Women spinning thread for cashmere throws

In addition to fair and equitable payment, Me & K works to nourish the craft of cashmere creation. With mutual respect and trust for the artisan's work, Me & K works to improve the pay and working conditions in the shawl industry in Kashmir, thereby making the profession a more appealing employment option for generations to come.

One way they are empowering artisans is by creating a Training Centre in Srinagar to help upgrade the skills of fiber spinners. The introduction of a newly designed spinning wheel (the charkha), which is more comfortable and easier to use, has been a great success, not only increasing individual women’s productivity but also doubling their income.

Artisan weaving cashmere

The Process

Me & K uses only the finest sustainably-sourced cashmere from Changra goats in the Changthang region of the Himalayas. This 700-year-old tradition of sourcing cashmere results in soft and fine fibers from the goats' undercoat which helps them survive high-altitude and cold temperatures. 

After ethical harvesting in the spring, these fibers are hand combed to maintain their exquisite quality. The delicate fibers are then handspun in preparation to become the finest texture to create the high-quality pashmina throws and shawls in the world. 

Cashmere winding of fibers on wooden frames

Once the fibers have been spun, they are transformed into cashmere yarn warps that are then dyed and starched for extra strength by winding and rewinding them on wooden frames. Once the yarn is processed, a warp is created which supports the intricate designs that are handwoven by the artisans. 

Thread by thread, the cashmere throw is woven to create one-of-a-kind designs. After the design is removed from the loom, the throw is finished with a detailed inspection of combing and tweezing to ensure the fibers are solid and soft.

The Final Product 

Through this handmade creation, a luxurious softness and durable cashmere throw is created, unlike machine-made cashmere where the fibers are stretched, weakened, and stressed which leads to breakage. 

Me & K uses only the finest sustainably-sourced cashmere. By choosing to source materials from local weavers and craftsmen in the Valley of Kashmir, Me & K protects the purity of the craft and the livelihood of Kashmiri artisans. 

 Man weaving cashmere on loom

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