Repetitive geometric pattern with diagonal hatch in muted teal hue.
Close-up of a neutral-toned fabric with a uniform texture.
abcFabric Bone Soft Linen Fabric $80.00
Neutral textured pattern resembling woven fabric or canvas in light gray.
abcFabric Ice Textured Fabric $45.00
Close-up of a fine, even-weave fabric with variations in texture.
An underexposed black square with no discernible features visible.
Close-up photo of beige fabric with grid-like pattern and texture.
abcFabric Taupe Textured Fabric $55.00
Close-up of a light-colored fabric with a checkered pattern.
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abcFabric Textured Fabric, White $40.00
Close-up of a tightly woven, light tan fabric or canvas.
abcFabric Pink Textured Fabric $85.00
Close-up of a cream-colored textured surface resembling bumpy leather.
abcFabric Textured Fabric White $45.00
Close-up of durable textured fabric in neutral grey tone.
Close-up of a textured denim fabric with diagonal weave pattern.
Close-up of durable, neutral woven fabric with nubby texture.
Close-up of speckled woven fabric in neutral colors for home decor.
Close-up of a cream loop pile fabric with uniform texture.
Natural beige fabric swatch with textured plain weave for versatile use.
abcFabric Textured Fabric Linen $140.00
Close-up photo of a sturdy, fine-woven beige fabric with uniformity.
abcFabric Dew Textured Fabric $105.00
Close-up of durable, neutral-colored textile with uniform appearance.
Close-up of a versatile sandy beige fabric with tight weave.
Close-up of a smooth, subtly textured surface with a grainy appearance.
Neutral beige textured fabric with subtle horizontal lined pattern.
Close-up of beige fabric with visible weave and textured pattern.
Close-up of neutral-toned textured fabric with fine weave pattern.
Close-up of a beige woven fabric with coarse texture and crisscross pattern.
Close-up of a tightly woven fabric with intricate texture.
Close-up of a neutral-toned fabric with a tight weave texture.
Close-up of tightly knit beige fabric with intricate texture.
Close-up of high-quality, durable fabric with speckled blue pattern
Close-up of a speckled, textured fabric with durable, uniform weave.
Close-up of fabric with repetitive leaf-like pattern in gray and blue.
Symmetrical, ornate fabric pattern inspired by leaves in muted tones.
Elegant vintage-inspired textile with intricate botanical motifs in muted tones.
Intricate and traditional fabric design with ornate floral-inspired motifs.
Caption: Technical difficulties prevent description of this image.
Close-up of grey carpet with uniform, plush, looped fibers.
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Dense looped carpet texture showcasing neutral tones and bumpy surface.
Monochromatic, textured pattern with no discernible details or features.
Close-up view of a beige carpet with uniform looped pile.
Abstract close-up of a textured surface in shades of gray.
Random dot stereogram creates mesmerizing 3D illusion when viewed correctly.
Abstract background with a textured appearance resembling television static noise.
Close-up of cream fabric with dotted pattern, versatile for backgrounds.
Close-up of a coarse-textured fabric in light beige color
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Close-up of soft, fluffy carpet with a uniform tan color.
Close-up of a neutral beige woven fabric, versatile for various uses.
Close-up of textured fabric with woven and printed pattern.
abcFabric Linen Textured Fabric $160.00
Close-up of striped fabric with vertical variation in width, color, and texture.
abcFabric Zinc Textured Fabric $225.00
Close-up of herringbone fabric in textured blue pattern for textiles.
abcFabric Azure Textured Fabric $160.00
Intricate maze-like pattern with monochromatic shades creates hypnotic optical illusion.
An intricate monochrome pattern with hypnotic zigzagging lines and geometric shapes.
Close-up of a beige, fibrous textured surface with linear pattern.
Neutral fabric with vertical black striped pattern, ideal for home decor.
Close-up of a looped fabric weave in neutral color.
Close-up of a textured fabric with vertical striped pattern.
abcFabric Oasis Textured Fabric $100.00
Textured fabric sample showcasing vertical stripes in light beige color
abcFabric Ciel Textured Fabric $100.00
Textured fabric with vertical stripes in contrasting shades, possibly linen.
abcFabric Heron Textured Fabric $100.00
Blank surface with uniform texture, possible wall or patterned background.
Close-up of a neutral, variegated fabric with a rough texture.
abcFabric Platinum Chenille Fabric $160.00
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