Classic damask fabric with intricate floral motifs in gold and brown.
abcFabric Sandstone Woven Fabric $480.00
Close-up of textured twill weave fabric in light neutral tone.
abcFabric Linen Woven Fabric $50.00
Abstract fabric design showcases ocean-inspired waves in soothing blue tones.
abcFabric Indigo Woven Fabric $190.00
Blue fabric with herringbone pattern, combining classic design and texture.
abcFabric Chambray Woven Fabric $50.00
Ornate chinoiserie pattern featuring pagodas, nature scenes, and human figures.
abcFabric Forest Printed Fabric $200.00
Intricate toile de Jouy pattern showcases exotic Oriental landscape scene.
abcFabric Garnet Printed Fabric $200.00
Exquisite vintage-inspired floral pattern showcases intricate craftsmanship and artistic talent.
abcFabric Bronze Damask Fabric $270.00
Exquisite Persian/Oriental rug showcases intricate floral motifs and vibrant colors.
abcFabric Jewel Damask Fabric $270.00
Seamless tribal-inspired pattern with geometric shapes and earthy color palette.
abcFabric Honey Printed Fabric $145.00
Seamless tribal-inspired pattern with geometric shapes in monochrome colors.
abcFabric Grey Printed Fabric $145.00
Intricate geometric motif in neutral shades creates versatile seamless pattern.
abcFabric Sand Printed Fabric $200.00
Close-up of dynamic animal print fabric with organic flow
abcFabric Indigo Printed Fabric $400.00
Vibrant floral pattern with intricate details and perched birds
abcFabric Floral Printed Fabric $240.00
Detailed traditional fabric design with symmetrical shapes and motifs in rich colors.
abcFabric Red Printed Fabric $425.00
Abstract irregular polygon pattern with hand-drawn organic feel on gray background.
abcFabric Carob Printed Fabric $200.00
Abstract, modern fabric with white lines forms irregular, connected shapes.
abcFabric Teal Printed Fabric $200.00
Geometric patterned fabric with irregularly shaped polygons in contrasting colors.
abcFabric Mink Printed Fabric $200.00
Abstract geometric pattern of interconnected triangles in muted shades of gray.
abcFabric Mist Printed Fabric $200.00
Abstract monochromatic geometric design with alternating triangles creates a tessellated effect.
abcFabric Blush Printed Fabric $200.00
Abstract tessellation artwork featuring interconnected black and white triangles.
abcFabric Ebony Printed Fabric $200.00
Abstract fabric with symmetrical design in shades of blue and grey
abcFabric Lagoon Printed Fabric $80.00
Vertical striped fabric with muted colors for contemporary home decor.
abcFabric Quarry Printed Fabric $75.00
Vintage-inspired green angular pattern offering a seamless contemporary feel.
abcFabric Jade Printed Fabric $160.00
Geometric patterned textile in beige and brown with modern feel.
abcFabric Canyon Printed Fabric $160.00
Repeating geometric pattern with interlocking shapes in contrasting colors.
abcFabric Pumice Printed Fabric $160.00
Patterned fabric with abstract, radiant circles in light tones.
abcFabric Coral Printed Fabric $160.00
Abstract pattern of jagged mountain ranges in neutral tones.
abcFabric Basalt Printed Fabric $160.00
Abstract geometric pattern showcases harmonious colors and balanced composition.
abcFabric Tawny Printed Fabric $295.00
Bold and modern patterned rug with asymmetrical geometric shapes.
abcFabric Claret Printed Fabric $295.00
Modern abstract geometric design featuring earth tones in layered composition.
abcFabric Apricot Printed Fabric $295.00
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