Mink Printed Velvet Fabric


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Elegant interior with ombre curtains, vintage armchair, and modern accents.
abc co-create Danielle Winter Lunation Panel from $350.00
Close-up of a durable woven textile with a uniform pattern.
abcFabric Cement Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of dark, textured fabric with uniform woven pattern.
abcFabric Charcoal Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of gray fabric with tight weave and repetitive pattern.
abcFabric Lilac Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of a neutral textured fabric with a tight weave.
abcFabric Silver Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of white fabric with textured pattern of raised dots.
abcFabric Pearl Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of a beige textured fabric with a tight weave
abcFabric Flake Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of neutral grey fabric with tight, uniform square weave.
abcFabric Whisper Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of durable, reddish-brown fabric with uniform tight weave.
abcFabric Coral Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of muted green fabric with raised diamond-shaped pattern.
abcFabric Aqua Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of a beige fabric with a tight, uniform weave.
abcFabric Cream Linen Fabric $85.00
High-resolution canvas with a fine, even weave for artistic purposes.
abcFabric Natural Linen Fabric $85.00
Close-up of durable beige fabric with tight, uniform weave pattern.
abcFabric Harvest Linen Fabric $95.00
Close-up of a densely woven beige fabric with intricate texture.
abcFabric Fog Linen Fabric $95.00
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abc velvet fabrics for upholstery are supersoft and sophisticated. High-end, bold design made with quality velvet. Backed with an acrylic lining and finished with a stain release, abc velvet fabrics are sturdy and long-lasting.

  • Dimensions 54" W
  • Material 74% Viscose, 17% Cotton, 9% Polyester
  • Weight 1.0 lb
  • Country of origin Italy
  • SKU 2006190


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Close-up of a shimmering, textured surface adds a touch of glamour.
Close-up of a shimmering, textured surface adds a touch of glamour.
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