Organic-inspired fabric with irregular polygon pattern, perfect for home decor.
abcFabric Velvet Fabric Champagne $320.00
Neutral textured surface resembling fabric or rough paper for design.
abcFabric Beige Velvet Fabric $285.00
Close-up of denim fabric, showcasing twill weave and ribbing effect.
abcFabric Ink Velvet Fabric $215.00
Close-up of a dark grey textured surface with visible pattern
abcFabric Cinder Velvet Fabric $285.00
Image: A digital assistant with a message 'Unable to assist'.
abcFabric Teal Velvet Fabric $285.00
Golden yellow textured pattern with subtle variations, resembling woven fabric.
abcFabric Glint Velvet Fabric $285.00
Close-up of a rough, reddish fabric texture with woven look
abcFabric Shell Velvet Fabric $285.00
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abcFabric Rouge Velvet Fabric $285.00
Vibrant fabric with vertical stripes in blue, teal, and tan.
Close-up of a smooth, warm brown fabric with fine grain.
Close-up of a plain, textured surface resembling fabric or canvas.
Close-up of a textured beige fabric with a rough weave.
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Green textured background resembling a woven fabric or carpet-like surface.
Robotic hand with a red stop sign, indicating inability to help.
Solid maroon fabric-like texture with organic variations. Simple and flat.
Close-up view of reddish-brown textured fabric with fine weave.
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Close-up of vibrant red woven fabric with subtle mottled texture.
Close-up of a dark grey textured surface resembling woven fabric.
Close-up view of green textured fabric with a woven pattern.
Close-up shot of a solid dark green textured background.
Close-up view of durable, nubby textured fabric in brown color.
Close-up of a dark, textured fabric with subtle tonal variations.
Graphic chevron pattern creates a vibrant sense of movement.
abcFabric Grey Velvet Fabric $280.00
Versatile geometric pattern with neutral tones and metallic accents.
abcFabric Sand Velvet Fabric $280.00
Elegant, symmetrical floral design in shades of green wallpaper.
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Close-up of a monochromatic, organic pattern resembling hexagon-shaped cells.
Unidentified image. No information available for description or interpretation.
Close-up of a hexagonal tessellation resembling a honeycomb pattern.
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Vintage-inspired seamless pattern with intricate medallion motifs and floral elements
abcFabric Champagne Velvet Fabric $320.00
Patterned fabric with a zigzag design in creams and grays.
Repetitive chevron pattern in varying shades of gray and white
Monochromatic chevron pattern with depth and contrast, perfect for design.
Close-up of a herringbone pattern showcasing subtle contrasting shades.
abcFabric Navy Velvet Fabric $375.00
Textile showcasing herringbone pattern in cream and teal colors.
Close-up of textured fabric with repeated vertical lines and dots.
Abstract green fabric with cracked glass pattern and white lines.
abcFabric Glacier Velvet Fabric $320.00
Abstract textile showcasing intricate geometric patterns in a monochromatic palette.
abcFabric Harbor Velvet Fabric $440.00
Image not available - darkness obscures any distinguishable features.
abcFabric Charcoal Velvet Fabric $180.00
Intricate monochrome blue damask textile pattern with symmetrical floral motifs.
abcFabric Midnigh Velvet Fabric $425.00
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Close-up of a deep green plush fabric with soft texture.
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